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Character input at runtime

Hi Chris,

I have another weird issue. For some reason when I built out my game the player input does not work but it works in the Unity editor. I am using the Input system from unity. I know the input system is working because I can use the esc button to pause the game and use the mouse inputs. I am trying to find a way to debug the error but can't seem to find a way. I have also noticed that when I do pause the game my save option in the pause menu has dissapeared. Which tell me that something is running in the background.


  • Are you using the provided Input System integration package on AC's Downloads page? Which inputs specifically are not responding?

    The default Pause menu will automatically hide the Save button if saving the game is not currently possible - which is typically the case when the game is in a cutscene. If your game is in a cutscene, input to move the Player will be ignored.

    Enable the AC Status box from the bottom of the Settings Manager, which will display the game's current "Game state" in the upper-left corner of the Game window while running. What does this display in your build when the issue occurs?

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