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Dragable straight track intersection

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I'm looking to have two straight tracks cross each other and then have a dragable object be able to drag along the horizontal track until it reaches the vertical track and then be able to drag it upwards. I'm attempting to create a slide puzzle.

I'm wanting to learn how to do this more so than having someone step me through it. I've read through the manual but I still have an issue with it working.

Is there a tutorial that I could review or another thread that would point me in the right direction dealing with two tracks connecting?

Thanks again for everyone's thoughts. I've learned a lot from reviewing other threads.

Unity version: 2021.3.21f1
AC version: 1.77.0


  • The dotted lines in your screenshots indicate the connections a Track has with another via its Regions. You can reduce the Catchment size sliders so that they only connect with Regions more appropriately close enough.

    If you're looking for a working example, take a look at "The Chamber" demo over on the Downloads page. This is the best demonstration of AC's physics system.

    The UnassembledKey prefab (which, in game, is found on the table) uses track-snapping for its assembly puzzle.

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