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Can It Be Used to Create First Person 2D Games?

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Hey All,

I'm considering buying AC but I was wondering if it can be used to create FP 2D games for mobile (which are very popular)? Is there a workflow to do this or is it just a matter of using the 2D workflow with an "invisible" player?

Apologies in advance if this was answered somewhere else (I searched through tutorials and forum and could not find the answer).



  • I'll be the first to admit my ignorance of most mobile games, but could you elaborate on what you mean by a 1st-person 2D game?  1st-person games are possible - as are 2D - but I don't quite know how you imagine the two going together.  If you mean a Myst-style game, where the game is made of 2D backgrounds, yes.  If you mean sprite-based characters in a 3D environment (e.g. Doom) also yes.  Either way, it's certainly possible to create a game with an invisible Player.

    I've been working on making AC better compatible with Player-less games, lately, and the next update (to be released shortly), will allow you to run a game that has no player prefab assigned.  That may provide you with what you mean.
  • Yes, games like Myst- FP with a series of 2D background images - are very popular on mobile.

    A player-less 2D adventure game - that's it exactly. Thanks!
  • Dear Chris,

    I downloaded the AC 1.60 for creating a 2D player less (First person View) adventure puzzle game where I only need to interact with the surrounding elements without a need for a player per se.

    I am unsure about the change in settings I need to do from the actual demo including a player.

    It was suggested to me that Movement Method should be selected as None. But then it seems one needs to make changes in other settings too. 

    Please help !

  • Please try not to double-post - I have replied to your thread here.
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