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[Bug] Copying Action List to another cutscene causes problem

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So back then when i had this problem  i didnt know what caused the problem (since it had many results). But now i've identified one of the reasons since it repeated itself.

In short, if you got a complex action list (with bunch of visiblity and object msgs etc) and if you want to copy it all to another cutscene with minor differences (or hotspot, or interraction) , right after the first play or re-opening the project causes all of the  action list elements to be wiped. In ActionList Editor, the node lines are visible while the boxes they connect to are not visible (not blank, there is simply no boxes). And if you check the action list on the source part, you would see all the actions became some default engine: pause.

This also causes all the adventure creator related items to be corrupted and Unity to unresposive. Because of this problem, i have to re do every action one by one again and again otherwise whole project goes bad.


  • Man that sounds messed up. Better keep a good backup of your project just in case.

    How are you copying the Actionlist? I've noticed that when you duplicate things in a scene like Actionlists, Hotspots or other AC-made things they get messed up a bit because I think AC refers to them with a unique ID somehow, and if two exist with the same ID you get in all kinds of trouble.
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    Very sorry that happened to you!

    Echoing hedgefield, how did you copy the list?  I've a suspicion you copied Actions the "correct" way (i.e. using the ActionList editor/inspector, and I've found that an ActionList will reset after the first play if no other changes are made immediately afterwards.

    This is likely related (and fixed for 1.32) but I'm not sure this is completely sorted - it certainly shouldn't affect other AC objects, and I can't recreate this particular effect.  Let's see by how much the 1.32 fix improves things.
  • I open Action list, left click and drag across all the list items i want to select, right click to copy selected and paste it in to another cutscene.  But even if you copy component as a whole in inspector, and paste it into the cutscene  (or hotspot or other things,) this result occur.

    I can say that i had the same problem in my desktop pc when i tried. If it wasnt this destrucitve, i would urge everyone to check whether they also have the same results.

    So in short, im trying not to duplicate or copy anything as much as possible. The above problem did occur due to having a puzzle with 3 different options which cancel out eachothers effects. SO instead of re doing all of them one by one, i simply copied them and changed the needed fields etc.

    Ill update to 1.32 but dont think ill try to see whether this bug is fixed or not :D Anywayz. Thanks.
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