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Make player invisible

So, I need to make the player invisible at the beginning of a scene so he can reappear in a specific spot. Unfortunately, I can't use teleport because when I do there are a couple frames when the player flickers because it appears he is adjusting to the sorting map sizing. I also cant use Action: Object -> Visibility because it expects an object, but the player is a prefab.

Any ideas?


  • prefab can be draged into object I think
    if not You can use code to deal with this.
    Set the player mesh to active to false by script.
    And to call the function,you can use object-> sendmessage->custom->function name
  • It's true: you can simply drag the player prefab into the field.

    However, you could always re-position the PlayerStart marker out of view, and move him inside when ready.
  • OK, so I tried dragging the player prefab into the Object->Invisible action and I'm getting inconsistent behavior. Sometimes when I start the game in the editor the player will be invisible as intended. Other times the player will be visible. I'm not changing anything between plays either.

    Any idea what could be causing this?
  • I can't tell from this if it's because the Action itself is running, or just not working.  Add another Action beneath it like a Dialogue: Play speech to test if it's running properly.

    It may be that you have to use a local instance of the player, rather than the prefab.  If you're up-to-date on your version of AC, you can have the player prefab in the scene outside of runtime.  Try dragging your prefab into the scene, and then assigning the scene object in the Action.
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