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Version 1.43 - New tutorials, Speech Manager upgrade and all-round refinements



  • Thank you so much. This is really some awe-inspiring job, you're doing!
  • Greatly look forward to watching it, thanks!
  • To be honest, you should play Shenmue I.

    It's a really different game from Shenmue II.

    I know when I'm drunk I start talking about shenmue and favaloro, but really, I'm the only one that thinks shenmue kick ass even AAA super dupydupster stuff ??
  • AC 1.43 is great, as usual :) Congratulations!!

    But I have  a question: Has anything changed how playing sounds across scenes work? I have a sound ("play across scenes" checked, not looped, Constant ID, Retrain in prefab, Sound object is placed in Hierarchy root) which is played shortly before the scene is changed. In AC 1.42c it was carried over to the next scene, but in AC 1.43 it stops when the next scene starts. 
  • Awesome!!! Great work!!
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    damn, I just updated, but, like carlos, my game took an incredible hit in performance. From 40ish FPS it's now having an hard time getting past... 10. What could it be? I don't recall this ever happening before. Tried to look at the profiler, but there's nothing useful...

    Also, pardon the stupid question, but now that I have updated AC from the asset store window, how can I download the previous version again? I know, I should've made a backup of the unitypackage file... *sigh*

    edit: I have my own FPS GUI, but Unity's "stats" button also shows the same. I'll test this in other scenes asap and report back.
    edit2: testing in an almost empty scene, the framerate is fine when I move, but if I stand, it dips to like 80ish (and there's literally nothing a part from a terrain and my char), makes no sense...
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    • Added: Ability to reduce SFX and Music volume while Speech audio plays - set in Speech Manager

    my game up the volume to 100% while Speech audio play, the reduction it's 0, and the general music volume it's 0.2 in option data, need to configure some parameter?

    edit, only happens with music, SFX works fine

  • It was all in the inpector panel when I would try to create action lists.
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    @joshuabogart: Have you not assigned a Settings Manager?  That's the only way I've found the problem to occur.

    @Barbapoca: What have you set the reduction values to in the Speech Manager?

    @David: I don't know how to downgrade without a backup, but I'll have a fix out for this once I know the cause - the more detail you can give, the quicker I can do so.  What version of Unity, and what if you use a simple cube for a floor, rather than a collider?
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    "Fixed: Quick Time Events not working with simulated input"
    I still have a problem with that ... ;/ my ate dont respond with menu input button . I use unity5

    but problem with sound in Pause menu is solved , Thanks!
  • @GrzegorzPEdrycz: The necessary corrections were made.  If it's still not working for you, it may well be your set-up.  Please post details in a new thread and we'll take a look at it.
  • Version 1.43a is out, and fixes some minor issues - most of them Speech Manager-related:
    • Added: Expected Lip-sync file paths to Speech Manager’s list of speech lines
    • Fixed: “Place audio files in speaker subfolders?” option in Speech Manager not also applying to lipsync files
    • Fixed: Speech Manager’s Scene filter not working for specific scenes
    • Fixed: “Use Player prefab name in filenames” Speech Manager feature not updating lines UI - requires re-gather
    • Fixed: Submit and Cancel inputs not being included in Input Manager
    • Fixed: PickUp objects not responding to simulated input
    • Fixed: Default Unity UI Hotspot menu blocking cursor clicks
    • Fixed: Display issue with “Character: Hold object” Action if no Settings Manager is defined
    • Fixed: MainCamera’s Audio Listener remaining active during a Cinema Director Cutscene if overriding is enabled
    • Fixed: Incorrect camera being active when a Cinema Director Cutscene is called during Ultimate FPS movement
  • Yes, I had all of the managers set up correctly. I just downloaded 1.43a, going to try again.
  • Hey Chris,
    I hate Unity. Seriously, how is it possible that the same identical scene, opening it again a day later goes at 30 fps when it was going at 10? How am I supposed to work in these conditions I don't know. I know some friends who have released games on Steam with Unity that had the same problem and they literally rebooted their PC at times to continue development (monitoring the framerate is key and it was a shooter).
    That said, yeah, today it looks normal. I also updated to 1.43a and it seems fine. 

    My only problem in the profiler seem some spike that involve Gfx.WaitForPresent which means everything and nothing :( (it says "N/A" object obviously) but I'm still searching about it

    I will run more test to be sure but for now do not worry about it, especially since nobody else seems to have reported this :/
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    Just updated to 1.43a and I encountered a MAJOR problem:

    Every action in my project (scene based and asset based) that previously affected any variable has now defaulted to Variable: Set  "Played Intro" = False or Variable: Check "Played Intro" etc...

    And I've gotten the following error several times: 

    Previously chosen variable no longer exists!
    AC.ActionVarSet:ShowVarGUI(List`1, List`1, ParameterType) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Actions/ActionVarSet.cs:320)
    AC.ActionVarSet:ShowGUI(List`1) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Actions/ActionVarSet.cs:277)
    AC.ActionListEditor:DrawSharedElements() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/ActionList/Editor/ActionListEditor.cs:190)
    CutsceneEditor:OnInspectorGUI() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Logic/Editor/CutsceneEditor.cs:36)

    I have updated the Variables manager to my previous manager and all of my previous variables appear in the variables manager window, but none of the actions have retained the references to those variables like they did after previous updates. Luckily I backed my project up not too long ago and most of the previous actions which reference those variables can be carried over, but since Unity has been very temperamental for me lately I'm going to have to redo the actions in my project rather than try to overwrite those files.

    Edit: I exited Unity and restarted it and voila, it's completely fixed! All of the actions reference the correct variables again. I agree with David above me, Unity is a seriously fickle program! Oh well, no harm done apparently.
  • ChrisIceBox I have set 0 reduction in the speech manager, i need to set it? i don't need reduction in the music
  • skitt2501
    Welcome to Unity indeed. That type of stuff happened to me tons of times and I had multiple heart attacks. You literally have to backup everyday. I remember few months ago that I had posted that when I updated and re-imported AC, it then destroyed all my cut-scenes actions and I reported it- only to find them working again if I closed and reopened Unity. *Sigh*. That hasn't happened anymore btw, thankfully.
  • @skitt2501: I'd always advise restarting Unity after upgrading, but I think your variables error might have been because the Variables Manager was set back to the Demo one.  You can avoid having your Managers from being swapped like that by not upgrading your AdventureCreator -> Resources -> References asset file - have a look at section 1.6 of the manual.

    @Barbapoca: I'm sorry, but I'm not understanding your problem.  Please repost this with more detail in a new thread
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    It's strange because when I upgrade AC I typically do include that references asset file so that I need to reset the managers to my managers, and this time was no different. As soon as the AC update was imported I reset all the managers to my specific managers, including the variables one. Yet I still had this problem with variables even after plugging my variables manager in.

    I think the problem was a Unity problem, as I remember it crashed shortly after I updated AC, and when I reopened Unity my managers I had previously replaced were reset back to the demo managers again. So I'm sure some conflict there caused the problem. 

    Like I said the problem is fixed so it's nothing to worry about, and in the future it's good to know I can skip importing the references asset file.
  • I just finished watching the new 3D tutorial and Chris:! I followed along mainly only hearing the audio and trying to do it blind and that was a tremendous learning experience. All fired up to create my own adventure now. Thanks a million for all the passion you are putting into this asset.

    PS: the only part I did not fully understand was why we need constant IDs on many objects, what is done with them and what would happen if they were not there. If you can shed some light there then we are golden :-)
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