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Version 1.43 - New tutorials, Speech Manager upgrade and all-round refinements



  • A 2.5D tutorial would be absolutely ideal :)
  • @TayannaStudios: There's one in the works.  It'll coincide with the next update.

    @10FingerArmy: Thanks. I'm surprised to learn you can do it blind, so that's great.  On a tech level, Constant ID numbers are how AC refers to objects in save game files.  The Constant ID script is needed on any object that AC needs to know about (e.g. the currently-active camera), while Remember scripts are needed on any object that AC needs to know changes about (e.g. which dialogue options in a Hotspot are no longer active).
  • To set this straight, with blind I only meant "not looking at the video feed" but only at the editor. I was congratulating you to the very good explanations you made!
  • Ha, yes - I knew exactly what you meant.  Just didn't think it possible from my voice alone.
  • I am still struggling a bit with the ConstantID. Concrete example: what would be the impact if (in the 3d tutorial video at 3:26:13) you would not have a ConstantID on the _SetGeometry node (which is only a parent and does not contain any scripts).
  • When the game begins, the book is a child of _SetGeometry.  Since we've added the RememberTransform script to the book, and checked Save change in parent?, then AC will need to know what it's parent is when the game is saved.  Adding the Constant ID script to _SetGeometry makes it "visible" to AC's save system.

    AC will account for objects that are held by the player (so no need to add a ConstantID to e.g. the hand bone), but any other scene object that the book can be a child of must have an ID.

    AC only needs to know what the parent object is, not anything specifically about it.  So, adding the Constant ID script is enough - the RememberTransform will ask "What's my parent?", and _SetGeometry can now answer "I am!"
  • Very helpful explanation, thanks a lot!
  • Anyone else unable to "see" any of the adventure creator stuff with UFPS 1.49? Seems like theres an incompatibility going on again, or me being dumb. For example hotspots are not showing up again..or pause menu etc.
  • OK so the Camera&Controller one does work thankfully, seems like the Advanced Player prefab is out of date thats all, VisionPunk adjusted something small, but thankfully the fix is very simple, simply add ACs "Player" script to the UFPS advanced player prefab and its working again.
  • One strange thing is this error:

    The 'UltimateFPSIsPresent' preprocessor is not defined - check your Player Settings.

    Its definitely there yet AC is not aware!...happens when I interact with stuff (even though that works!) And the hold down and he keeps shooting UFPS bug I had seems to be gone magically!

    So actually im really happy, just wondering why that warning is in console :) 

  • Could you post the full error from the console log?
  • Hooray for new tutorials!! I know what I'M doing today... :)
  • The 'UltimateFPSIsPresent' preprocessor is not defined - check your Player Settings.
    AC.UltimateFPSIntegration:SetCameraState(Boolean) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Static/UltimateFPSIntegration.cs:246)
    AC.PlayerInput:Grab() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Controls/PlayerInput.cs:1409)
    AC.PlayerInput:UpdateDrag() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Controls/PlayerInput.cs:1331)
    AC.PlayerInput:UpdateInput() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Controls/PlayerInput.cs:565)
    AC.StateHandler:Update() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Game engine/StateHandler.cs:143)

  • I noticed that a feature has been removed. In one of the earlier releases, the fader slider was editable so we could enter any number in seconds for how long the fades last. This now is limited again. Is there a reason this was removed?
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