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setting up duplicate objects?

Is there a good way right now to do something like have 100 clickable plants that all just have the same behavior -- pick it up, add one to a var, get rid of the mesh. Could you do it just using one interaction, and not setting up many interactions just for the disable mesh lines?

I can always accomplish it using methods outside AC, I'm just wondering if AC already supports that functionality in some way but I'm not seeing it.


  • You can define parameters within ActionLists that allow you to replace certain fields within Actions dynamically each time they get run.  This is useful when you need to perform a common task multiple times in varying ways, such as adding an inventory item and increasing the game's score.

    You can read more about parameters in this tutorial.
  • I see, that's an awesome feature! Thanks Chris.
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    Hmm... another question... do game object parameters have to be assigned by the field of run action list in the interaction?

    Still seems like I need 100 different interactions because to reference the individual mesh object and the hotspot object for each case. You can't just reuse the plant setup somehow in other words... you have to reconfigure it?
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    You would want to set up your actionlist with parameters just like in that tutorial Chris pointed out. And then assign game objects to the parameters, yes.

    For instance in my game I have 20+ objects to do the same thing/and some do the other things, in each level but different objects.
    So I created actionlist in my Asset, but to fire it I created in each scene my custom  in Scene actionlist and pass those parameters/my objects to my in my Asset actionlist . That way I simply assign whatever objects I need to do the stuff I have in in my Asset actionlist.

    And it all works great, if I choose an object to be picked I know Parameter 1 does it in my in my Assset actionlist so I pass my object as parameter 1. If I choose an object to move/transform etc. I have parameter 2 so I pass my object that I want to do that as Parameter 2.
    Makes your life easier ;)
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    Parameters definitely make things a bit a cleaner.

    I think what I was really looking for was just a way for a hotspot to store its hotspot and mesh as game object variables and then I would only ever have to use a single scene actionlist for a duplicated object because I could call a game object variable. That way you're not manually changing the fields to the new objects (different hotspot, different mesh, different interaction), every time you want another copy of the object.

    I think I'll have to do something like that as custom code though.
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