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Hotspot Icons not attached/drived by cursor but fixed to objects

I understand that this could be done with some extra scripting

But since the purpose of AC is to create an engine that reduces scriting needs (So we can focous on other game play aspects)

Could it be possible to create tools that would allow hotspot icons to be fixed on object and with the ability to be oriented with then (and not to the camera)

Ex- Ngui Hud text or Heavy rain game icons


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    Edit: Misunderstood, never mind!
  • Not sure, but have you tried to add movable component to your hotspot and child it to your object that you move?
    I know for sure you can move hotspots.
  • You mean multiple icons, as in when using Choose Hotspot Then Interaction as your "Interaction method"?

    You would have to look into using Unity UI for your Interaction menu.  Unity UI Canvases can be rendererd in World Space, and then linked to an AC Menu in the Menu Manager.  This tutorial covers linking AC with Unity UI - though the UI uses Screen Space, the principle is the same.
  • How about using a 3Dplane with a texture, instead of UI?
    Would it be easier to make the connection?

    mouse over hotspot or player close to hotspot would fade in game object

  • No, the easiest - and most reliable way - is to use Unity's UI.
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