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Error on scene


When I go ot a new scene an error pops up:

Setting the parent of a transform which resides in a prefab is disabled to prevent data corruption.
AC.Menu:SetParent() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Menu/Menu classes/Menu.cs:359)
AC.PlayerMenus:OnLevelWasLoaded() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Controls/PlayerMenus.cs:178)
Im sure its something to do with unity UI, but not 100% sure. Any ideas?




  • The error is to do with AC trying to move the UI Canvas gameobject into the "_UI" scene folder.  The Canvas should be a gameobject in the scene, but it sounds like it's trying to affect the sourced prefab instead.  Does this occur when the game begins, or only when you move to a new scene?  If it works in the first scene, are all UI Canvases correctly moved to the "_UI" scene folder?
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    The UI folder gets populated with my menus.

    Pressing play in editor - no errors.
    Scene transitions - errors.
    Pause and quit- errors.
    Loading a game - errors.

    I have two sets of menus - Pause (normal game) and a StartPause (main menu)

    Essentially, one a copy of the other basically but called different and does slightly different things

    It all seems to work as it should tho... but produces this error, there a work around ? lol
    as long as the error dont disaply im happy, as it is the wii will fall over. That machine breaks just looking at it. Got try/catch around it but dont stop error showing.

    Update: I should note that im using the option Unity UI Prefab in the menu.
  • If you can work out exactly which Menu is the problem, PM the Canvas prefab + your Menu Manager to me.  You could workaround it by removing the _UI scene folder, but I'd like to find the cause - this is the second time this has been reported today.
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    Just another quick one.

    When I click something and player speaks, it creates a subtitle menu, if i do it again, another on is created, this can go on forever, and have millions of sutitle menus in the scene (deactivated tho).

    I tried turning all off and one on at a time, didnt seem to matter, still had prolblem, no matter which one was turned on/off.

    Here are my managers if you want a look.

    Never packaged anything before, so maybe overkill as i also had dependencies ticked.


  • Speech UIs not being deleted should have been fixed in v1.50c.  Which version are you using?
  • stuck on 1.47 init ;)

    couldnt update since the speech update. well, didnt want to, since would have to rename all those speeches again :O
  • do you think its because i got 2 canvases. 1 main one, and 1 inside of that ?

    For now, im just going to uncomment the line that parents the ui, just wont be in the _UI folder is all.
  • Removing the _UI folder would also do it.

    But what's stopping you from updating?  I can't help with any reported bugs if you're not using the latest.  If you're referring to the name of player speech lines, there's an option to use the player's real name.
  • I will try updating again, tried once, failed miserably.  Might be worth persevering with it until all errors and what not work work with the newest build. 

    I don't think its a small job though XD

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