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Version 1.51: Music handling, ActionList pausing, Animator saving and event listeners



  • @themightyzq: What's the difference between Hotspots that work vs those that don't?  Is there a pattern or steps that you can provide to reproduce this?
  • In this new release in scene prefabs (Hotposts) I notised that there is no funkction "Position over selected mesh"? Did I miss something? It was realy good feature but now it's gone  :(
  • @salex: Nothing got removed.  Is your Settings Manager's Camera perspective setting correct?
  • 1.51c problem: ActionMovie.cs doesn't compile on WebGL - the AssignValues function references variables that are excluded on that platform.
  • Thanks @Snebjorn - you reported it before I could announce the release!  I'll issue a fix today.

    Version 1.51c
    • Added: ‘Unity Object’ parameter type - use to assign e.g. AudioClips and Materials in Actions dynamically
    • Added: Orthographic GameCameras can now have their size mapped to their target’s position
    • Added: Ability to control the intensity of text effects given to Adventure Creator-based Menu Elements
    • Added: Button, Cycle, Interaction and Toggle menu elements can be triggered by pressing an alternative input button
    • Added: Ability to set the FSM and event names in the “ThirdParty: PlayMaker” Action using String parameters
    • Added: The option to display Hotspot icons in World Space is now available for 2D games
    • Added: Ability to set the sorting order and layer of a Hotspot’s icon
    • Added: DialogList menu elements can be prefixed with Conversation index numbers
    • Added: Events that can be called when moveable objects are grabbed and dropped
    • Added: Event that can be called when a speech line ends
    • Added: The “StopAnim” FaceFX method is now called whenever a FaceFX-animated character stops speaking
    • Fixed: Display issues with Menu Elements that have a Highlight texture and also use text effects
    • Fixed: Issues when displaying Menus that pause the game when a scene begins
    • Fixed: Settings Manager listing “DialogueOption0” as a potential input
    • Fixed: Assigned Managers not always saving in recent versions of Unity
    • Fixed: Game text present in certain Inventory interactions not being listed in Speech Manager
  • Yes, you right! My settings were not correct! Everything is fine. Thanks
  • Version 1.51d:
    • Fixed: Compilation errors when building to WebGL in v1.51c
  • @ChrisIceBox - I can't see anything different about the hotspot/highlight.  I have a few hotspots operating correctly right next to the one in question, so it's a little confounding.  I've tried adding new hotspots to different locations and they are working fine.  I've tried different shaders.  I've tried different interaction types.  I've tried moving the hotspots around in different locations, tried a different hierarchy (it was originally a child of a different object), and nothing is making this one work.  Super weird.
  • @themightyzq: Indeed - it's especially confusing because the Hotspot's Highlight component should have no bearing on how interactions behave.  I'm assuming you've set up your Hotspots to be detected according to Player Vicinity.  Does it behave better when set to Mouse Over?
  • @ChrisIceBox - So, setting to Mouse Over didn't help...but, I think I got it working...and it's a little strange.  I changed "Hotspot Icon Type" to "Texture" as opposed to "Use Icon" and it seems to have started working as intended for all hotspots again.

    My use icon is an animated frame texture, so maybe that was part of it?  Strange that it would work for some hotspots and not others, though.  Anyway, I think I'm at least up and running again!
  • @themightyzq: Good to hear.  I'll see if I can find anything wrong when it comes to animated use icons, thanks for the report.
  • @themightyzq: A message in the Console appeared regarding the use texture not being readable, and the Interaction menu wouldn't show.  Changing the texture's Texture Type to Advanced and checking Read/Write Enabled solved the issue for me.
  • Hello.

    Thank you for implementation of "Added: Button, Cycle, Interaction and Toggle menu elements can be triggered by pressing an alternative input button".
    I would be glad, if you would tell me, how to use it. Thanks in advance for your help.

    I would like to trigger interactions (use, look at, talk to) by pressing gamepad's buttons.


  • @motoman: You have to create buttons in Unity's Input manager that map to the gamepad's buttons (name them e.g. InteractionUse, InteractionTalk etc).  Then enter the names of these buttons into the Alternative input button fields in each Interaction element's properties box in the Menu Manager.
  • Just dropping in to say that the Alternative Input option for menu elements is a wonderful addition. I previously wrote my own script to do that, but to be able to define it right from the Menu Manager and use any of the Input buttons is great. I love it when I can ditch a custom script for a built-in function.
  • @hedgefield: Thanks, it seemed a natural extension.
  • @ChrisIceBox - re: texture type & hotspot.  Great!  Seems like we found a solution here.  Thanks Chris!  :)
  • Version 1.51e
    • Added: Events that can be called when a speech line starts and stops scrolling
    • Added: Event that can be called when the active camera is changed
    • Added: Option to having a smooth transition out when using the “Camera: Switch” Action over time
    • Added: The “ActionList asset” field of the “ActionList: Run” Action can be assigned with Unity Object parameters
    • Added: “World Space Cursor Example” script - attach to a mesh object to have it act as the cursor in 3D space
    • Added: Ability to filter text listed in Speech Manager by ID number
    • Added: Ability to toggle the display of Action output sockets and wires in the ActionList Editor window
    • Added: Ability to show no “Use” cursor when hovering over an Inventory item
    • Fixed: Error reporting issues when attempting to generate translation files
    • Fixed: Minor issues with animated Hotspot icons
    • Fixed: “Pause game when enabled?” Menu property having an effect even when not listed
    • Fixed: Issues with Ouya integration
    • Fixed: Console warnings when working in Unity 5.4 beta
    • Fixed: Issues when skipping ActionList assets
    • Fixed: Character movement sounds playing even if the character is not in contact with the ground
    • Fixed: First-person head-bob animation playing even if the player is not in contact with the ground
    • Fixed: Menu Elements not being selectable in Menu Manager in rare circumstances
    • Fixed: Inventory items being associated with a scene when text is gathered in Speech Manager
    • Fixed: Issues when gathering speech text
    • Fixed: Positioning issues for Menus of Position type “On Hotspot” when fading out
    • Fixed: Minor issues with Hotspot labels
    • Fixed: Issues when climbing ladders with Ultimate FPS integration
  • Wow, pretty big update to say it's still a 1.51 "minor" amendment type one.
  • Version 1.51f:
    • Added: String comparisons made with the “Variable: Check” Action can now be case-insensitive
    • Fixed: Unity UI menus not blocking mouse clicks in v1.51e
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