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Version 1.51: Music handling, ActionList pausing, Animator saving and event listeners



  • Version 1.51g:
    • Added: Footstep Sounds component - attach to characters and invoke it’s PlayFootstep method with AnimationEvents to play footstep sounds
    • Added: Parameters manipulated with the “Object: Animate” and “Character: Animate” Actions can be set with String parameters
    • Added: Option to not trigger Mecanim parameters when skipping the “Object: Animate” and “Character: Animate” Actions
    • Added: The “ActionList: Check running” Action can be used to check if the ActionList that contains it is being skipped
    • Added: Improved warning message if the “Object: Animate” Action is used to play an invalid Mecanim state
    • Added: Ability to choose whether the “Camera: Shake” Action affects position, rotation, or both
    • Added: Events that can be called when a save, load or import fails
    • Added: The tabs in the Variable and Inventory Managers now indicate the created amounts
    • Added: Minor performance improvements
    • Fixed: Unnecessary messages showing in Console when using Follow Tint Map component
    • Fixed: Issue when switching between two cameras for which the cursor influences rotation
    • Fixed: Walk sounds for 2D characters not always playing
    • Fixed: Issue with display of journal translations
    • Fixed: Display issue with Action comments
  • Mann, killing it with these updates. Footstep sounds is something I've been wanting to dive into for a while.
  • About the new footsteps sounds - are we able to change sounds depending on what texture the character walks on?
  • "Added: Minor performance improvements"

    Could you elaborate what was changed? I'm seeing some potential performance problems (lower fps/lagging in editor, and also overheating on target platform, android) in the previous, recently updated, version. I can't pinpoint the problem very well with the profiler. Suspecting physics or sound handling.

    It might be totally unrelated (lots has changed recently in the project, not just AC), but I'd appreciate more details about this one.
  • @Deckard_89: It's an example script that works by calling a function with Animation Events.  You could add a function to it that changes the sounds, but the Character: Animate function allows you to do this if instead your sounds come from the Player/NPC Inspector.

    @ilmari: Just the way the StateHandler iterates through its arrays - for loops instead of foreach.  I wouldn't think it related at all.
  • Thanks for the specifics, Chris.
  • @ChrisIceBox You rock, man. These updates are great!
  • Best asset ever !
  • Great new features! But I still can't figure out new footsteps script
  • @salex: It's for Mecanim characters only.  You need to create Animation Events in your animations, and have them call the PlayFootstep function in the Footsteps script, which should be attached to a new child on your character.
  • edited June 2016
    I recently played around with webGL builds and sadly i got strange random browser crashes, especially on windows 10 machines. Apparently there's a memory leak somewhere, because after playing my current game for 15 minutes, the browser memory went from 800mb to 2500mb and more. After some research, the reason for the memory leaks was found: It's the animtated Cutscene cursor (Cursor rendering: software), it seems every animation loop of the cursor creates a new graphical object which stays in the memory forever and fills it up rapidly. Having the task manager open, it can clearly be observed that every time a cutscene runs and the cursor is animated, the memory raises and raises. With no animated cursor, no memory problems occur. I compared it to a former game which uses AC 1.46f and Unity 5.3.4, and there were no memory problems with the webGL build.

    My question is now: Can this be locally fixed or do I need a new AC version? I plan to release my new game in the next weeks, and the crashing webGL build is my main concern at the moment.

    Thanks for help!

    edit: user @Aszura just posted a fix to this bug here, what a coincidence :)
  • edited August 2016
    Hi Chris, apologies for bringing this thread back from the dead, but I want to query a change.

    "Fixed: Issues when climbing ladders with Ultimate FPS integration"

    Would you mind detailing what was updated here? I'm having some trouble with ladder climbing in my game, and while doing some testing, comparing backups, and I believe the issue came up with this version change.
  • edited August 2016
    @GeometriX: There's now an additional check for climbing that causes the FPController to stop for one frame when it becomes attached to a ladder.  It's done through callbacks - see lines 137 and 138.  It you comment out/remove those lines, the change should be reverted.
  • Thanks for your response, Chris! I did some more digging and it turned out that it wasn't your update, after all. For the record, the ladder climable needs to be on the Ignore Raycast layer to work properly (derp!).
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