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Compatibility with Unity 4.3 built-in 2D

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I'm building a 2D sprite-based adventure game in Unity 4.3.4, with AC 1.28a in 2D mode. I've got the player spawning properly and the default camera seems to work, but as soon as I hit play, I get rampant "No rigidbody attached" errors. Does Adventure creator not work with Unity 4.3's built-in 2D features, like rigidbody2D and collider2D or am I missing something...? Thanks for anyone's help - the video tutorials blew me away at what could easily be put together with the given assets, but building something from scratch, I'm running into a lot of errors...


  • You need a normal (3d) rigidbody attached to the player character, so that it can use the navmesh properly and be able to move around the scene.
  • Is there no way around that? Unity won't let you add a ridigbody to sprites that contain ridigbody2d and I've already built a fair bit that relies on the new 2D physics/collider system. Most editor extensions like Playmaker, 2DTK, Dialogue System, etc. have been updated since 4.3 to work with either 2D or 3D physics and I would have thought the same of Adventure Creator.
  • The need for a "3D" Rigidbody is because Adventure Creator has a unique need for it, as domx explained.  The fact that other assets make use of 2D components doesn't affect that.  However, please elaborate on the other errors and I'll help where I can.
  • Still looking for clarification. Am I to understand from this that Adventure Creator is incompatible with games that rely on Unity's 2D physics system, or is there some way of reconciling AC's need for 3D rididbody with Unity not allowing 2D and 3D rigidbodies to exist on the same object?
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    AC requires the use of 3D physics components to move it's characters - it won't "see" a 2D rigidbody and know what to do with it.  Currently, at least.

    Please explain what it is exactly you are trying to do in your scene, the orientation of your camera, pictures are great too.  The better I understand how you might use such features, the more I can help.
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