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Cursor Use in Walking Dead Menu Manager

Starting a new thread here, since it's not specifically tied to Controllers (but is tangentially related all the same).

The cursor remains on screen for all normal interactions while using the Walking Dead menu manager, but for some reason it locks out during dialogs, preventing players from being able to click options manually and requiring key-mapping.

Is there a setting I'm missing here that would allow players to navigate a cursor during dialogs and select an option manually?


  • If your Input method is set to Keyboard Or Controller and you're in a navigatable menu, then it's expected that you'll use the cursor keys / controller axis to navigate the menu and press "InteractionA" to click a button, rather than using an on-screen cursor.  However, I'll look into making this optional in v1.53.
  • Thanks, Chris!

    For now, I'd certainly be amenable to navigating the dialog with the standard "select an option via highlight and then press InteractionA" -- though the Walking Dead template manages this in a curious way from a UX perspective, with the options arranged in a diamond pattern but requiring the player scroll through them with the left/right inputs as opposed to pressing up to highlight the top option, down to highlight the bottom one, etc. Is there a way to easily tweak that? 

    I can think of ways to alter the inputs so that pressing up selects the top one, and down selects the bottom one, etc -- but it would definitely make more sense from a user perspective to press up to highlight the top option, then InteractionA to select it.
  • I'll admit the Walking Dead template is more geared towards Mouse And Keyboard input than Keyboard Or Controller.  It's also true that AC's axis-navigation of Menus isn't so hot - I recommend you switch to Unity UI if you want to navigate with axes as it's a much better framework.  I'll see if the WD template can be upgraded with Unity UI prefab alternatives.
  • I'll see if the WD template can be upgraded with Unity UI prefab alternatives.
    Any progress on this?

    Thank you
  • Only technically for the moment - recent AC versions have brought fixes and improvements to Unity UI behind the scenes.  There shouldn't be anything technical getting in the way of a user converting them themselves, but I will look into it myself shortly.
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