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Loading Problems

I am having some troubles with loading. The first one:
I am using Unity's UI and Unity's buttons for New Game, Load Game and Quit. I use the OnClick() function to call a custom Script (Not an Action List) which makes the New Game Buttton load the intro, then the first leveling following that. The Load Game button loads a black screen, and HERE, I want to call up the LOAD menu -- the default AC one. I am not entirely sure how to do that. I want the default AC LOAD menu to appear when this scene is loaded, then go back to being hidden when the scene loads.

The second issue: When I save a game while I'm playtesting, and I go back to try and load a game, not everything goes back to how it was when I saved it. The camera, for example, will not work the same way. If I try loading during a cut scene, as another example, the game will load but the camera will be locked to where that cut scene was. I'm not sure if the camera's need some other component to make the game remember them, but clearly I'm doing something wrong. I watched some tutorials but I think I missed some piece of information somewhere along the way.


  • First issue
    You can use the Menu: Change state Action to turn on/off another Menu.  If you place that Action in an ActionList asset or Cutscene, you can run it by calling its Interact function.

    However, you could also integrate your Unity UI Menu with AC itself - which would allow you to control its display with AC, and have it run ActionList assets when each Button is clicked.  First I would recommend creating your Menu using the AC Menu Manager, leaving your Source as Adventure Creator, to get the functionality right (see this tutorial).  Then you can create your Unity UI and hook it up to your AC Menu by following this tutorial.

    Second issue
    You need to flag up in your scene which objects must be saved.  Cameras merely require a Constant ID component, which acts as a reference for the active camera in the save file.  Saving specific properties about an object involves attaching a Remember component - e.g. RememberTransform to remember an object's transform.

    This is all covered in the Manual - please read Section 9 for a full understanding.  You also have the option of using the Auto-add save components to GameObjects button at the top of the Settings Manager - though it is important to have an understanding of how the save system works beforehand.
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