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Mouse Look Not Working with AC + UFPS

I can't seem to get mouse look working. The cursor toggles on and off, but I get no X and Y camera movement.

I started a new blank project and installed UFPS and then AC (in that order). Then I used the scripting define UltimateFPSIsPresent. I also used the official AC+UFPS Prefab, just to be sure. I set ToggleCursor, CursorHorizontal, CursorVertical in the Input manager. I re-read the manual and followed the YouTube tutorial just to double check.

I repeated this three times: closed Unity and then started a new blank project. UFPS and AC are up to date. Unity is 2018.

I've done this before, months ago, in another project and it worked perfectly. So unless I did something really wrong I assume something broke in a recent AC update or a recent UFPS update.


  • It could well be due to an update to one of the tools involved.  I'll attempt a recreation, but 2018 is not specific enough.

    On what platform, and exact versions of Unity, AC and UFPS?
  • "CursorHorizontal" and "CursorVertical" are only used by AC.  UFPS freeaiming still relies on "Mouse X" and "Mouse Y" - are they defined as well?
  • They were not defined to use the mouse; rather a joystick. I just now configured Mouse X and Mouse Y in the Input Manager... and it seems that mouse look is functional again. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Does this mean that CursorHorizontal and CursorVertical are irrelevant to mouse look when using AC + UFPS?
  • Yes - AC relinquishes all control to UFPS during gameplay, so CursorHorizontal / CursorVertical are only used if you use a keyboard-controlled cursor.
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