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Pseudo Rooms?

I'm not sure what the best strategy for creating mazes is using AC/Unity, usually when making mazes, hotel floors/rooms, etc, you'd have five or six different rooms and reuse them so as to make the maze seem larger than five or six rooms. I expect it would be done using variables to keep track of the players current position in the maze or floor/room, but I just wanted to check if there was anything I've overlooked and AC doesn't hook into a kind of prefab scene system Unity might use. Here's Thimbleweed Park's pseudo rooms:


  • There's two ways to do it: either change a single scene dynamically, or rely heavily on prefabs to quickly create individual scenes that can be updated in bulk.

    With the single-scene method, global variables to keep track of the player's position in a maze (e.g. X/Y coordinates).  They can then be used in the scene's shared OnStart/OnLoad cutscene to construct it accordingly - changing the appearance through animation or activating the correct NavMesh, for example.  Depending on the complexity of the changes necessary, a custom script may be more appropriate.

    Scenes that have objects whose state would need saving would be best off being unique, however.

    With the prefab method, AC works just fine with Unity's prefab system - with the exception of scene-based ActionLists, hence the ability to have Hotspots, Conversations etc reference ActionList assets.

    Scene attributes can be defined in your scene if you need to process logic that needs to know certain properties of the scene you're in.

    The "Name" field in the Scene: Switch Action can be constructed via variable tokens, allowing you to set it dynamically, e.g.:


    Where global variables 0 and 1 are x/y co-ordinates within the maze.  With e.g. the Variable: Set Action, you could even create a system whereby the player's current X co-ordinate is read, added to by 1, and you then have a way of accessing the scene to the right of him through the above syntax.
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