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Hi, can someone point me in the direction for creating a Cursor UI system the same as Monkey 3

i.e. You click on a hotspot to open the interaction options, then select an action.

Would it be a case of creating a new menu that gets displayed when a hotspot is selected?

Sorry - still a noob



  • Ok, so i've changed the setting to 'click hotspot then actions' it works well.

    I just need to know how to know the best way to skin it

  • "Choose Hotspot Then Interaction" mode is used by the 2D Demo, for a working example.

    Styling it is a case of modifying the Interaction menu in your Menu Manager, either with the properties there if the Menu's Source is set to Adventure Creator, or Unity UI if set to Unity Ui Prefab. It is recommended to rely on Unity UI, since it offers more customisation options. See the Manual's "Menus overview" chapter for a rundown of both modes.

  • Thank you for the reply.


  • Hi, Just a quick follow up.

    I'm using the 'Unity UI in Scene' and I'm wanting quite a specific thing:

    Is there script component I can add to the prefab (sorry i'm not a good coder)

    Do I set this to False:

    public bool autoHideInteractionIcons = true;

  • That's the relevant variable, yes. See the description in the scripting guide:

    If True, then Interaction icons will be hidden if linked to a Hotspot or InvItem that has no interaction linked to that icon

    You shouldn't generally have to resort to scripting, however - is the field Auto-hide Interaction icons based on Hotspot? showing in your Settings Manager?

  • Ah yes 'Auto-hide Interaction icons based on Hotspot' unchecked does work for showing all Interaction icons.

    How would I kill mouseOver states for unhandled interactions?

  • Just one other thing.

    Is there a way of turning hotspot subtitles off when showing interaction icons?

  • I did notice there is a 'disabled sprite' option in the Button(script)

  • How would I kill mouseOver states for unhandled interactions?

    What do you mean by this?

    Is there a way of turning hotspot subtitles off when showing interaction icons?

    You can lock/unlock the Subtitles menu using the Menu: Change state Action. You can place such Actions in the Interaction menu's ActionList when turn on/off fields.

  • edited February 2019

    Hi, what I meant by kill mouseover states was to have a button state for undefined interactions i.e.

    So if the hotspot doesn't have a defined 'talk' or 'look' interaction, the icon displays a 'dead state' or unhandled state.

  • In your Settings Manager, check Auto-hide Interaction icons based on Hotspot? underneath "Interface settings".

    Then, in your Menu Manager, go to the Interaction element properties in your Interation menu. Set their When visible fields to Disable Interactability.

    Then go to your UI and find the Button elements associated with each Interaction element. When a Hotspot is clicked on that is not associated with an Interaction, the Button will be "disabled", which will change its appearance. This appearance will be based on the Button's Transition property, and then Disabled Sprite, Disabled Color etc, depending on that.

  • Hi, sorry for being a pest, I can't quite seem to get it going

    The 'linked button field always resets to 'none' when I run the scene (If that has to do with the issue)

    Thanks again

  • That looks OK. The Linked Button field will get cleared because Unity can't retain a reference to a prefab's child, but the Constant ID values match (which is how AC gets around that).

    What exactly is the behaviour, now? If you revert the When invisible field back to Disable Object, do the unused interaction icons disappear?

  • The behavior is that all interactions appear and and have highlighted sprite states regardless of whether they are 'handled interaction'. when I revert invisible field back to Disable Object the same thing occurs.

    Disabled sprite Icons do not display.


  • Sorry, you're saying that when you have it set to "Disable Object", the icons still show, and in their highlighted states?

    What of the "Interactable" checkbox in the Button Inspectors? That is what AC should be controlling when set to "Disable Interactability".

  • Hi, The icons still show in their static states and still have mouseOver states instead of disabled states

    The "Interactable" checkbox when unchecked displays the icons as uninteractable in the editor but the in-game still runs the UI as interactable.

    Sorry it's a bit difficult to explain. I think there might be a path issue or something

    I don't know if the above images help


  • The "Interactable" field shouldn't be affected outside of runtime - did you uncheck that field yourself?

    I don't know what you mean by "path issue". You mean "filepath"?

    Probably best for me to just see this for myself. If you can create a .unitypackage of your Managers, the UI prefab, and any related graphics/animation assets, PM it to me and I'll take a look.

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