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Version 1.67 - Point Triggers and all-round improvements

The focus on this release is on small refinements and fixes, over big new features. Of note:

Point Triggers

Previously trialled in the wiki before official incorporation, Triggers have a new "Detection method" field - allowing them to optionally detect an object by its origin's position instead. This does away with the need for the object to have a Rigidbody, and is particularly useful in 2D.

Movement nodes

Available on the Downloads page is a new "Node" template, a script-heavy package that demonstrates how to limit character movement to pre-determined positions.

Timeline improvements

AC's "Speech" Timeline track type gets further attention, with the ability to preview speaker names, and more robust integration with the Speech Manager.

Rigidbody freezing

Freezing individual positions of a Rigidbody is now respected, making it easier to create "1D" style games where the Player can only move along e.g. the x-axis.

IK head-turning

AC's IK head-turning implementation has been a bit erratic lately, with changes made to fix issues having unintentional consequences. This update attempts to resolve such issues, and also allows you to control the influence of head-turning on the body and eyes.



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    And the full changelog:

    Version 1.67.0

    Upgrade notes

    • For IK head-turning to work, a character must either have a "Neck bone" Transform assigned, a Capsule Collider, or a Character Controller
    • For UFPS v1 Players to head-tilt, a First Person Camera component must now be present on a child of the Player
    • A character's Rigidbody now only has its rotation frozen if "Move with Rigidbody?" is checked


    • Added: Ability for 2D and 3D Triggers to detect objects based on Transform position, rather Rigidbody collisions
    • Added: OnRunTrigger custom event - called whenever a Trigger is run


    • Added: "Save: Set Option" Action - use to set an Options value without need for player input
    • Added: If the Actions Manager is used to find instances of an Action type, but none are found, then this is now reported in the Console
    • Added: Ability for the "Menu: Select element" Action to automatically select the first-available element in a given menu
    • Added: Ability for the "Sound: Play music" and "Sound: Play ambience" Actions to wait for the track to complete when used to Play or Crossfade audio
    • Fixed: ActionList asset fields losing prefab references when run

    ActionList parameters

    • Added: "Document" ActionList parameter type - use to override Document field values in Document-based Actions
    • Added: Animator parameter values set through the "Object: Animate" and "Character: Animate" Actions can be set through ActionList parameters
    • Added: Ability to set the "Engine: Change timescale" Action's Timescale field with a Float parameter
    • Added: Ability to set the Player fields in the "Player: Switch" and "Player: Check" Actions with an Integer parameter
    • Added: Warning message if a GameObject parameter is used in an ActionList, but the assigned GameObject does not have the correct component


    • Added: If a "Dialogue: Play speech" Action is used to make the non-active Player speak, that Player's "Associated NPC" will say the line if present in the scene
    • Added: Ability to display speaker names when previewing Speech Timeline tracks in Subtitle menus
    • Added: Alternative OnStartSpeech, OnStopSpeech, OnStartSpeechScroll, OnEndSpeechScroll and OnCompleteSpeechScroll custom events that take a single Speech parameter
    • Fixed: Speech lines present in Timeline not properly ordered in script sheet exports
    • Fixed: Speech Manager's "Locate source" button not locating speech lines present in Timelines
    • Fixed: Speech Manager's "Reset text" button not clearing IDs for speech lines present in Timelines
    • Fixed: Speech lines containing carriage returns not being gathered correctly in the Speech Manager
    • Fixed: Speech Manager not pinging the correct lipsync file when using Rogo Digital LipSync for lipsyncing


    • Added: Ability to freeze the position of a character's Rigidbody without it being overridden at runtime, unless "Freeze Rigidbody when idle?" is checked
    • Added: Ability to change a Sprites Unity Complex-based character's Walk and Run speed scales using the "Character: Animate" Action
    • Added: Warning message to Console if a character's ground check fails because they have no means of doing so
    • Added: Slider fields in to modify the influence of IK head-turning on the body, head and eyes
    • Changed: For IK head-turning to work, a character must either have a "Neck bone" Transform assigned, a Capsule Collider, or a Character Controller
    • Changed: A character's Rigidbody now only has its rotation frozen if "Move with Rigidbody?" is checked
    • Changed: For UFPS v1 Players to head-tilt, a First Person Camera component must now be present on a child of the Player
    • Fixed: Issues with assigning the optional Animator field in Mecanim-based character Inspectors
    • Fixed: Minor glitch if the "Character: Change rendering" Action is used to set a 2D character’s direction that involves frame-flipping
    • Fixed: Characters created using the Character Wizard having their new AudioSource components set to "Play On Awake"
    • Fixed: Player characters not responding to gameplay-based "Character: Move to point" Actions if the "Movement method" is set to "None"
    • Fixed: "Retro-style movement" option not accounting for the scene's "Vertical movement factor"
    • Fixed: Minor motion issues with characters that rely on "retro-mode" pathfinding
    • Fixed: Player characters sometimes being able to jump up walls
    • Fixed: Issues with character IK head-turning


    • Added: Ability to search for references made to a specific Document via the Inventory Manager's Documents tab
    • Added: Ability to replace '/' characters with '.' characters when exporting variable labels
    • Added: When filtering Inventory items, Menus, Variables, or Speech lines in the AC Game Editor window, the number of filtered items is now displayed beneath
    • Changed: If the "Movement method" is set to "First Person", the "Camera perspective" option is now hidden because it is automatically set to 3D
    • Changed: The ToggleCursor input is now listed in the "Available inputs" section regardless of the chosen Movement method
    • Changed: If a Hotspot's "Centre point (override)" is auto-created, it is now made a child of that Hotspot by default


    • Added: OnModifyHotspotDetectorCollection custom event - use to re-order a Hotspot Detector's internal record of nearby Hotspots
    • Added: Optional parameters to the Char script's GetSpriteDirection and GetSpriteDirectionInt functions to ignore the effects of frame-flipping
    • Added: Ability to calculate, through script, a navigation path that passes through a number of target positions
    • Fixed: The "OnBeginActionList" custom event being incorrectly listed as "OnRunActionList" in the Manual's "Interaction scripting" chapter
    • Fixed: Animated textures not always animating through script


    • Fixed: Interaction menus not showing if the Player has a Hotspot Detector assigned, but the Detection method is set to Mouse Over
    • Fixed: Hotspot labels showing incorrect verb when hovering over "Single-use interaction" Hotspots
    • Fixed: Rare issue when restarting a game that involves a duplicating Subtitle menu


    • Added: Cut-to-black when asynchronously loading a save game with a different player, in order to mask the player-swapping
    • Added: Ability for the Sprite Fader component to also affect child sprites
    • Fixed: Timing issues when animating BlendShapes through a Shapeable component
    • Fixed: 2D Demo scene's ParkBench sprite having unnecessary components added to it
    • Fixed: Auto-add save component operation not adding Remember Visibility components to objects affected by the "Object: Change Tint map" Action
    • Fixed: Various issues with the importing of the 3D Demo into Unity 2018.3

    As always, back up those projects first!

  • Thank you Chris! Was truly looking forward or many of the improvements you have done!!!

    But... I've some troubles with the new version... :(

    I'm using Unity 2018.3.10f1
    AC 1.67 (this last update)

    My game is a 2D classic point'n'click.

    All work well with version 1.66.7. But the first two times I tried to import into my project AC 1.67, my Unity crashed (without anything to report/log). On a third time it worked correctly, but my Sprite was "invisible". After a bit I discovered it changed on its own the shader, so I've to reassign it manually (I've a custom one). Ok, no problem. Solved but weird it happened...

    Done that, I discovered that my following NPC (I've two swappable characters, one follows the other when not player) is walking around randomly. It follows a bit, then go nuts and walk around nonsense. I've a simple action "NPC Follow: Start Following" with "Randomise Position" unchecked, then some values for distance and updating time. And everything works perfectly on AC 1.66.7. But with 1.67, not sure why, the NPC that follows just walk up and down crazily... going out of screen, not following the NavMesh, just totally random walking back and forth!

    Another problem is that my player doesn't follow the "Face after moving". For example on a simple hotspot, I've a "Walk to Marker" with "Face after moving" checked. The thing is: my player walk to the marker, but then it's not facing the marker orientation. And again, this was working perfectly on the previous version. (P.S. just noticed it faces it correctly on a second click, when I'm already at the marker)

    What might cause all of this? Am I the only one having those issues?

    Just to be sure:
    I imported ALL from the AC new asset. Then I re-assigned all my managers back to my custom working ones.
    I haven't touched anything else... Just imported, re-assigned the managers, launched the game... then discovered those issues!

    As always, thanks a lot for your time!

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    @chaosmonger: Have you re-assigned your game's Managers after upgrading (as covered in the Manual's "Updating Adventure Creator" chapter?

    With the sprite material issue, if it's part of an AC prefab then importing that prefab in from the AC update package will cause it to revert. I don't know what object you're referring to.

    Please elaborate on the following NPC and character facing issues in new threads - with screenshots and full details.

  • Ok, I've replied on a new thread, HERE.

  • Version 1.67.1

    • Added: Warning message if a first-person Player is controlled in First Person, as this will cause issues with movement
    • Added: Touch-screen keyboards in iOS and Android now respect the character limit of InputBox elements in 2018.3 or later
    • Fixed: Issues with players not correctly facing Hotspots in v1.67.0
    • Fixed: Movement issues with NPCs that follow other characters in v1.67.0
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    Thank you for the feedback, @Yokee.

    Version 1.67.2:

    • Fixed: Issues related to GameObject parameters in ActionLists in v1.67.0
  • Version 1.67.3:

    • Changed: Turned Action script "runtime" variables from private to protected, to aid subclassing
    • Changed: Deprecated the "AlphaNumericSort" script
    • Fixed: Copy and Cut buttons in the ActionList Editor window overlapping each other
    • Fixed: Gameplay not resuming if an ActionList asset with "Can run multiple instances?" checked is skipped
  • Version 1.67.4:

    • Fixed: "Character: Change rendering" Action sometimes affecting the Player prefab, not the runtime instance, in v1.67.0
  • Version 1.67.5:

    • Fixed: GameObject parameter references becoming unset in the "ActionList: Set parameter" Action in v1.67.3
  • I got the following error message whenever I click on entries in the ActionsManager:

    Instance of ActionEvent couldn't be created. The the script class needs to derive from ScriptableObject.
    AC.AdventureCreator:RefreshActions() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Managers/Editor/AdventureCreator.cs:511)
    AC.AdventureCreator:OnGUI() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Managers/Editor/AdventureCreator.cs:353)
    UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)

    It doesn't seem to affect anything by the way, everything still works. Happens in 2018.3 and 2019.1b10

  • I get no such message myself - do you have custom Actions loaded, or non-Action scripts placed in your Actions folder?

    What does the Console report after placing the following in between lines 510/511 in AdventureCreator.cs?

    Debug.Log ("Create instance of: '" + className + "'");
  • Yes I have quite a few custom actions. This is what the Console reports:

  • Have you modified "ActionEvent.cs" in any way? Or are any custom scripts named similarly?

    Does the issue go away if you assign the Demo game's Actions Manager, Demo_ActionsManager as the asset file at the top?

  • Just tried it, the same happens with the demo_actionManager too... I didn't modify actionEvent.cs, it's a relatively new action isn't it? I think I had noticed that error from the beginning on but just ignored it, since it didn't seem any negative effect... Maybe about 2-3 months? I was thinking that it would be resolved with one of the updates as most things do :)
    I also looked into my custom actions, but there is nothing similarly named.

  • edited April 2019

    Object: Call event's been around since v1.49. Is it listed in the Actions Manager, and available in the drop-down when creating a new Action?

  • Well now that you say... no it doesn't...

  • What platform are you working on, and do any other error messages appear?

  • I'm working on Mac and Windows, it appears on both, and that's also the only one.

  • I also searched in my solution if there is possibly something called similar, then noticed that behaviour designer had an actions folder too, so I tried removing to check if it has something to do with that, but it didn't help either.

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