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Resetting Third Person Camera

I have a Shenmue-like setup in which the player can switch to first person view from the GameCameraThirdPerson (and back again). The problem is, when you switch back again to third person, the camera is still aimed at whatever direction it was in before, as I I do not use the "Always behind target?" option. Is there a way I can get the third person camera to default to being behind the character when switching back to it?


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    You can force the rotation through script by calling it's ForceRotation function.

    This would be best done from the OnSwitchCamera custom event, i.e.:

    private void OnEnable ()
        EventManager.OnSwitchCamera += OnSwitchCamera;
    private void OnDisable ()
        EventManager.OnSwitchCamera -= OnSwitchCamera;
    private void OnSwitchCamera (_Camera fromCamera, _Camera toCamera, float transitionTime)
        if (toCamera is GameCameraThirdPerson)
            GameCameraThirdPerson tpCam = (GameCameraThirdPerson) toCamera;
            float spinAngle = KickStarter.player.transform.eulerAngles.y;
            tpCam.ForceRotation (true, 0f, true, spinAngle);

    The Advanced ThirdPerson camera has this option built-in, however.

  • Excellent, thanks.

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