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Newbie me can't make the 3rd person camera to rotate.

I'm new to both Unity and AC, so I assume that I simply missed something but I need help figuring out what. The 3rd person camera is stuck and I cannot move it in game. Details below:

Using latest Unity and AC versions. Used the New game wizard to make a 3D game with Keyboard/Controller controls (tried with M/KB as well). Used the character wizard to make a player out of my own model and animations, using Legacy animations for simplicity. Managed to make the player use Idle and Walking animations properly. Added a 3rd person camera with free rotation and following the player. Parented the Main camera to it. The camera follows the player, but can't be rotated with the mouse. Tried adding inputs for CursorHorizontal/Vertical, Cursor toggle, and locking mouse to game screen, among other various settings to no avail.

Hope that was detailed enough. I'll be eager to learn why I'm stupid ;)


  • Welcome to the community, @Aster.

    Are you using the GameCamera Third Person component that's provided with AC as standard, or the Advanced variant on the Downloads page?

    Let's see an image of both the camera's Inspector, and the definitions of the CursorHorizontal / CursorVertical inputs in Unity's Input manager. The "locked" state of the cursor shouldn't have a bearing on things - but the inputs need to be mapped to the mouse x and y axes respectively.

    Probably best for a shot of your Settings Manager too, just in case.

    using Legacy animations for simplicity

    I'd recommend switching to Mecanim before too long, to make things easier in the long run. Mecanim is more aligned with "Unity best practice", and is much more flexible.


    Do I perhaps need to fill the "potitive button"? I assumed I didn't need to if the input is an axis chosen below.
    Settings manager has only been touched to create the 3rd person camera (regular one, not the advanced download).

  • Do I perhaps need to fill the "potitive button"?

    No, they look correct. I can't reproduce such an issue copying over the same settings.

    Settings manager has only been touched to create the 3rd person camera.

    That would be the Scene Manager. The Settings Manager is the second tab.

    Are you getting any messages in the Console? I'm assuming this is all during normal gameplay, so that the Player can move freely.

    If need be, you can create a .unitypackage of your Managers, Player prefab, and sample scene to send me via PM and I'll take a look.

    ^ Console messages
    I'll send you the .unitypackage too.

  • See the Warning about the MainCamera. It should not be parented to anything that may move.

  • Okay but how do I set it up then?

  • I've replied to you via PM.

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