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[Bug] Drag and drop inventory items

After moving to the system where Unity UI blocks from clickthrough without the necessity for custom assigned rect transform I ran into a bug, where if I Click to drag an inventory item and release over unity UI that is a raycast blocker, the drag state sets to none, but the item still continues to drag. I narrowed down the issue to this line in PlayerInteraction.cs:

Code comment seems to be a bit vague, so I was wondering what UI issue does this code work around? Maybe that scenario is impossible in my project and I can safely remove that part?


  • I don't recall exactly, but it was a means of fixing a previous bug. I shall attempt a recreation.

  • edited February 2020

    Recreated. If the mouse click is released, and you're using drag-and-drop inventory it's best to clear the inventory regardless of UI state.

    Try replacing lines 205 with:

    if (KickStarter.playerMenus.EventSystem != null && KickStarter.playerMenus.EventSystem.IsPointerOverGameObject () && !KickStarter.settingsManager.InventoryDragDrop)
  • Thanks, I'll report if this has any knock-on effects.

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