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Interaction menu with Google VR

Hi there,

I'm trying to display a hotspot's interaction menu while in Google VR stereo view. I'm using first person, of course, with "Choose Hotspot Then Interaction" as my "Interaction method" and "Cursor Over Hotspot" as my "See interactions with". My interaction menu's "Appear type" is "On Interaction" and its Position is set to "On Hotspot".

When not in stereo view, the interaction menu appears correctly on the hotspot when I hover the cursor over the hotspot. In stereo view, however, the interaction menu does not appear on the hotspot at all. Instead, it appears somewhere in the center of the screen between the two stereo cameras.

Has anyone attempted this already and knows how to tackle this issue?



  • Welcome back!

    What's your "Select Interactions by" field set to?  I'd imagine the solution would be along the lines of sourcing your Interaction Menu to Unity Ui Prefab, with a Position type of Manual.  This way, you'll be able to position it through script.  The OnHotspotSelect event may be useful here - a tutorial on events can be found here.
  • Thanks, it's good to be back! :)

    My "Select Interactions by" is set to "Clicking Menu".

    So I created a new Unity UI interaction menu, made it a prefab, set its "Position Type" to "Manual" and registered to receive the OnHotspotSelect event in my code - which I now receive perfectly. But now what? Whose position should I set in code and to what value, in order to make my new interaction menu show over my hotspot in stereo view?

  • I don't know, in truth.  You can read the Hotspot's position and translate it into screen-space (this is what AC already does), but I suspect you'll need something more than that to account for the stereo view.  That's more of a Unity issue, but once you know the position, you can set it to the Menu with:

    AC.Menu myMenu = AC.PlayerMenus.GetMenuWithName ("MyMenuName");
    myMenu.SetCentre (centrePoint);
  • @danielvierna
    Clearly it's been a while since this thread was created, but please did you find a way around this?
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