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Action to react to single or double click on hotspot

I have created a door hotspot that triggers a move-to-marker action for a character (along other things). How could I achieve the following: if the user single clicked on the hotspot, the walk action should be executed with "walk", if he double-clicked it should be executed with "run"? The other actions in the list should behave the same.


  • That is the default behaviour - try it with the 3D demo.

    So long as you have "Cutscene while moving?" unchecked in the Hotspot's interaction box (so that mouse clicks will register) the player will run when you double-click.
  • What I mean is not the movement TO the hotspot that can happen automatically but what happens in the action list of the hotspot. In the action list I actually use the action Character: Move to Point which takes a marker and a speed (walk and run). How can I know in the actionlist with what click speed the user triggered the hotspot that executes the action list? This information would be great to have.
  • This data is discarded after it's used for memory reasons, but you can see where the walk/run call is made within PlayerInteraction.cs by searching for the "player.MoveAlongPoints" function call.
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