Making a 2D game

New to Adventure Creator? Grab a drink, and sit down with this 90 minute primer as we use the 2D Demo's assets to create a new game.

Recreating Unity's adventure game

Unity veterans welcome: here, we take Unity's Adventure - Sample Game and rebuild it with AC.

Making a 3D game

Ready to sink your teeth in? Clear your calendar and get comfy - this three-hour video uses specially-made assets to make a more complex 3D game.

Making a 2.5D game

Recreating the magic of Grim Fandango or The Longest Journey? Take 2.5 hours out to find out how!

Making a first-person game

An overview of the gameplay features available when creating a first-person game.

Timeline integration

A brief rundown of some of the improvements made to Adventure Creator's integration with Unity Timeline, as part of the v1.66 update.

v1.51 Features video

This video covers some of the improvements included in the recent v1.51 update.

Looking for something more in-depth? The text-based tutorials below cover a wider variety of topics in greater detail:

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