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Predefine objects and interactions


in the adventure game I'm designing I'm interested in create some preconfigured objects that behaves with a predefined interaction in game and I want to throw as many as I want in each level.

For example let say I have a "key" that "open doors". If I put 3 keys in the scene and 3 doors, the player can pick up the keys and use it to open the three doors (whatever door put in the scene, not a concrete one and without make a relation with a concrete key and door, any key open any door). The player loose the key already use to open a door.

So finally, as soon as I have the key and door created, I want to throw key objects and door objects in the scene that would work as described.

I'd want to ask if I can make that kind of functionality wit AC, or if is out of scope of this plugin, and I someone could point me to the right way to accomplish it.

Thanks in advance!




  • Welcome to the forum Carlos,

    You may want to look into parameters.  Parameters let you re-use ActionLists that perform common tasks by tweaking their fields slightly each time you run them.  You can read a tutorial about their usage here.
  • Excelent Chris!

    Thanks, I'll be check this asap! :)
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