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Version 1.46 - Save game profiles, 2.5D tutorial



  • @ChrisIceBox: One issue with the new Play: One-shot, the sound doesn't stop when skipping a cutscene, the way Play: Sound does.
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    -Changed: When creating a new scene, the MainCamera’s Camera component will now be a child object

    not a fan of this change at all, I just opened my scene and AC broke it instantly :(. It created a new MainCameraCam alone without me doing absolutely nothing, taking out a few random things from my camera (audio listener) and I noticed only because Unity gave me console errors, music stopped working, etc.
    Now every single scene I'm opening, it seems to be doing the same, and I have to manually delete it and re-set as it was before... not sure if it was a mistake or what? I'm still with 5.0.2f1 btw

    edit: thankfully, once I delete it and fixed my old camera, it is not recreated again when I open the scene...

    edit2: welp, just noticed that while the game works, I was having some weird issues, and the reason is probably this error

    No MainCamera found - please click 'Organise room objects' in the Scene Manager to create one.
    AC.KickStarter:Awake() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Game engine/KickStarter.cs:857)

    Clicking organise room objects doesn't work btw, probably because I had deleted the prefab previously. But I need to have the camera as it was before, sorry. It's extremely important because I've linked it to tons of stuff and having the extra child would cause me a huge amount of problems, which it was already doing when I opened the scene. Will revert back to 1.46d for the moment
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    apologies, last error was because AC had stripped off my camera of the MainCamera tag...
  • Noticed a bug with the "super-accurate" experimental option. When I use the "stop moving" (character->move along path) action it doesn't stop anymore. It's still getting to the destination, just stoping the walking animation (saw this with AC 1.46e, Unity 5.1.1)
  • @David: Your old camera should work fine - it's only for new scenes that the change will be made, however it's still optional: you can move the camera component onto the root object (and delete the child) if you prefer.

    @Gog0 / @Eastman: Thanks, I'll take a look.
  • I don't know what to say Chris, once I installed the update, when I opened my scenes, my cameras were stripped of their tag and several components were taken out and moved into the new child object, which was created in that very moment.  Is there a way to make sure this doesn't happen or will I have to edit all my scenes?
    This happened in the instant my scene was opened... I don't know, really.
  • It sounds like your MainCamera is still linked to the AC prefab - recent versions of AC disconnect it upon creation, but that won't be the case for old scenes.

    Try upgrading without importing the MainCamera prefab - it's in /AdventureCreator/Prefabs/Automatic.  If you uncheck that in the import list, you should have things working again.
  • Thanks, Chris, that worked :)

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    @humaldo: What platform are you working on, and building to?  This issues seems to be platform-specific, because I can't recreate it at all on OSX.  Are there any warnings or messages in the Console when you switch scene?
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    The changes of the cam is totally confusing to me. Some of my older scenes get  an error, some don't - The structure of the cam look differents then in other scenes. I'm lost a bit.

    What is the correct hierarchy of this?



      _MainCamera (tag: untagged, Main Camera script) 

        _MainCameraCam (tag: mainCamera, Camera, GUI Layer, Flare Layer) (Image Effects ?)

        _LookAt (tag: untagged)

    I got an error cause my Image Effects (Sunshafts, were on MainCamera, i moved them to MainCameraCam. Is this correct?

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    I'm working on Windows 7 Professional on an 64 bit Machine, and no warnings appear this time. When I upgraded the first time to Unity 5.1.1 (before I updated AC), errors appeared, but unfortunately I didn't copy them down. edit: I've just mailed you my current game for debugging.
  • @humaldo: Thanks.

    @UndyingSprite: The camera will be updated if the scene was created before the update in which the link between the MainCamera scene object and it's prefab was automatically disconnected.

    The MainCamera base object should be tagged as mainCamera - not the child with the Camera component.  The Image Effects should always be placed on the same object as the Camra component.

    However, I agree that this is confusing - and I'll revert the prefab back to it's previous state in the next release.  Apologies for the confusion.
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    The MainCamera base object should be tagged as mainCamera - not the child with the Camera component.  The Image Effects should always be placed on the same object as the Camra component.

    Ok, changed it to this:



      _MainCamera (tag: MainCamera, Main Camera script) 

        _MainCameraCam (tag: untagged, Camera Component, GUI Layer, Flare Layer) (Image Effects ?)

        _LookAt (tag: untagged)

    Then no hsp appears, only when i tag the MainCameraCam as "MainCamera".

  • @UndyingSpite: My mistake, you're correct.  Again, I'll have this reverted in the next update.  This will likely be v1.46g, but I need to sort out this Unity 5.1.1 error along with it.
  • version g... wow this has to be a revision record :)

    I guess as AC gets more complex, and the way Unity 5 has shifted lots of things, this could be the new norm. I hope it's not like, for your own sake Chris, lots of extra work for you.
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    That's why I think Chris should slow down a little with the "full" version updates. I'm more than happy to see great stuff added basically monthly, but, to my knowledge, he's doing all this alone, including full user support(!) and it's not easy at all. The more you add, the more complex it gets.

    I'd rather have less frequent updates and more-stable versions (maybe, an update every 2 months?) so that there's also more time to iron the bugs (and also, always keeping an eye on optimizing performance). Just my 2 cents.
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    Should the "Super Accurate" hack fix the part when a Player "runs" to a point and overshoots it ( such as using the "Move to Point" action) ? That has been a nightmare for me. Sometimes the Player runs all the way into a NPC and therefore I cannot get the Camera angles I had set up correct.
  • Fair point @David, but the thing is that the user base ARE the testing/bug reporting pool (helping keep it from being ALL on Chris to do). If each emergency fix waited until other bugs were reported then it could be too long between critical errors being found/fixed.

    It's hard to see a better approach than the present one in the situation: unless a small select group of active users were to get 'advanced' test versions. But I see more downsides than ups to that. As for me I often wait after any updates to any software to see how things settle before upgrading. If you like the stable version of course you can just hold back a touch on upgrading.
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    Sorry, I probably did not express myself too well. I wasn't speaking about 1.46a, 1.46b, c,d etc. Those are important fixes. I was stricly referring to the timeframes between 1.45 -> 1.46 and so on :)
    That's also what I had in mind when I said "iron the bugs", not between the letter versions. The quick update-fixes are fine.
  • Also fair :)

    I think one of the main concerns of any asset provider is that a new Unity version update can necessitate an asset being upgraded. Domino/Butterfly effects n all that.
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