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Version 1.46 - Save game profiles, 2.5D tutorial



  • @David: Thanks for the thoughts.  Spacing apart the updates is definitely something I'm trying to do going forward, but as others have said - bugfixes (whether on AC's part or just keeping up with Unity) very often force my hand earlier than I'd like.
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    And what about some sort of a voluntary, closed beta test before a new version is released? For example, I'd really like to test a new version before it comes out, at least the parts my 2D games cover. I'm sure there are others who would volunteer as well :)
  • An update on the problems with the latest Unity / AC release: the bug will occur if the Player prefab has any child objects that are also tagged as Player.  I'm still investigating the root cause of this, but in the meantime: simply untagging any child objects on your Player prefab will resolve the issue.
  • Finally: v1.46g - necessary if you're experiencing problems with Unity 5.1.1
    • Added: “MainCameraVR” prefab in Assets/AdventureCreator/Prefabs/Camera - replace this with the standard MainCamera in your scene to allow VR compatibilty (Unity 5 only)
    • Changed: The MainCamera prefab has been reverted to it’s pre-v1.46e state - the Camera component is no longer a child of the MainCamera script
    • Fixed: Errors when changing scenes in Unity 5.1.1 on Windows platforms
    • Fixed: Minor cursor display issues
  • Just tested scene changing with AC 1.46g in Unity 5.1.1f1 on Win7 and it worked like a charm, even with the player prefab child tagged as Player! And the game window is also back to normal again :) Great work Chris, thanks!
  • Ahh, the compiler figures out you shouldn't have it. Take a look at UDKGame.ini and you'll see it removes the ""; when it assembled it. ( despite that being in defaultgame.ini ) I have no issues with it loading my game at any time ( I extended GameInfo ), if you are extending UTGame, replace the SetMimeType function with the default one from GameInfo. 
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