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Auto Lock Menus When In Dialog

What's the best way to have certain menus become disabled while dialog or conversations (and maybe other actions) are taking place? I couldn't seem to find a good solution besides manually locking and unlocking the menus at the start and end of each desired dialog / convo / actionList. That would be a ton of extra work at this point, so if there's an easier way anyone can help me out with, that'd be awesome! 

The reason I want to do this is not only because it's weird to be able to open the inventory and similar menus while in dialog, but one particular menu I have (a walkie talkie) actually opens a new type of dialog and then the game freezes up because of the conflict (have to force quit). 


  • A simple script could set your Menu's isLocked state according to whether or not you're in a Conversation.  The active Conversation is stored as:

    You could then change your Menu's isLocked state manually:

    AC.Menu myMenu = AC.PlayerMenus.GetMenuWithName ("MyMenusName");
    myMenu.isLocked = true;
    myMenu.TurnOff ();
  • I was worried it'd need a script haha. I'm an artist/designer, so I'm lost when it comes to that end of it. I guess now is a good time to study up on some scripting! 

    What about dialog that isn't in a conversation (such as dialogs that are contained in an action list only), will this work for that as well? Maybe I should just lock them when any actionList or Conversation is running, that should cover everything. 
  • No, that'd only literally only while the conversation options are on-screen.  However, if your Menu's Appear type is set to During Gameplay, then it shouldn't appear while gameplay-blocking ActionLists are running anyway.
  • The problem is that the both menus I'm trying to lock are activated by input key. So I can't set them to that appear type. 
  • There are a couple of non-coding ways around this then:
    1. You create an "invisible" Menu set to appear When Speech Plays, and use the ActionList when turn on / off fields to lock the Menus whenever this new Menu is shown.
    2. You set the Appear type of your Menus in question to Manual, and then use Active Inputs (see Section 2.14 of the Manual) to toggle them on/off using the Menu: Change state Action when in normal gameplay.
  • Awesome, this is prefect. Thank you! 
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