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proper setup for interactions menu (Worldspace)?

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Hi, this is kind of related to my other recent post, though I consider it a different issue. Basically recently I tried to make an UGUI worldspace interaction menu, but for some reason it doesn't work right, the menu appears and everything but AC doesn't take control of the slots/icons, all the icons always appear regardless of the contents of the hotspot. I set it up pretty much the same way I do for inventory menus (like in the tutorial). Is the correct way to setup interaction menus different? or is there a problem here?



  • If the Menu appears at the right time, but the Icons are incorrect, that would suggest they aren't properly synced with the Menu Manager's Elements.  The images look fine to me, however, and my own in-scene Interaction test shows the correct icons appearing.

    Simplify all else by removing its parenting in the scene, and setting the Menu's Transition type to None.

    The code inside Menu.cs to go through it's elements and show/hide them as appropriate for a given list of Hotspot Buttons is in its MatchInteractions function.  You may find that Debug.Logs inside there may help you locate the source of the issue.
  • Ah, almost forgot to answer you, but I still don't have anything to report, I haven't really changed much yet (Ive left the menu just as a "sign" for now), anyway, when I get the time to modify the menu and stuff I'll test your suggestions. I'll also be using the rebuild method in one of my scripts and that might actually fix the problem I hope.
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