The Game Editor window

The Game Editor window is where all of your game-wide settings, inventory items, variables, and GUIs are controlled from. You can access it from the top menu, choosing Adventure Creator -> Editors -> Game Editor.

The Game Editor window is made up of eight tabs, known as Managers. Each Manager controls a different aspect of your game's design.

The Scene Manager handles scene-specific settings, such as the player's default position, and also provides quick-buttons to creating prefabs like Hotspots and Markers.

The Settings Manager handles project-wide settings, such as the player's prefab, the game's control style, and cursor settings.

The Actions Manager defines the list of actions available to cutscenes and interactions.

The Variables Manager stores a list of user-defined variables that can be used for game logic throughout the project.

The Inventory Manager stores a list of items that the player can pick up, as well as the responses for inventory interactions.

The Speech Manager lists the spoken lines written in the game, assigning each one a unique ID for audio files, and manages subtitle translations.

The Cursor Manager stores cursor settings, and the available icons when interacting with objects and NPCs.

The Menu Manager provides a visual editor for managing your game's user interface, in terms of both display and functionality.

The data for each Manager is stored in a separate asset file. Adventure Creator requires that each Manager references a file before a game can be played. The file being loaded can be accessed or changed by clicking on it's name at the top of each tab:

Adventure Creator comes with two sets of Managers - eight for the main demo (which all begin with "Demo_"), and eight for the 2D demo (which all begin with "Demo2D_"). To create a new Manager file, unset the referenced file (either by choosing "None" from the list, or pressing backspace when the mouse is over the name). Adventure Creator will then give you the option to create a new file, which will then be loaded automatically into the tab:

Manager Packages allow you to quickly change all eight Managers in one go. Both demo games come with Manager Packages (found in their root folders). When selected, you can use the Inspector view to quickly change all Managers to either the Demo_ or Demo2D_ set.

When you have created your own Managers, you can create your own Manager Package from the Assets menu: Create -> Adventure Creator -> Menu Package.

Now that you have an understanding of Manager asset files, you can use the New Game Wizard to create a new game.

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