Running the New Game Wizard

Each game made with Adventure Creator requires a set of eight Managers - asset files that are used to store all the settings, inventory items, variables, and so on that the game uses.

The first step to making any game in AC is to create its Managers, which we can do by going to the top toolbar and choosing Adventure Creator → Getting started → New Game Wizard.

This will bring up the New Game Wizard:

Click Next, and the window will prompt you to enter in the name of your game. When the process is complete, AC will make a new folder in your project with this name.

Click Next again and go through each page, filling in the prompted information as you go. On the last page, you'll have a chance to review your choices:

When ready, click Finish. After a few moments, you'll have a new folder in your Assets directory in which your Managers are stored.

You'll also find that the Game Editor window has appeared, displaying each Manager in their respective tab:

This window is quite tall, so it's best docked to the right-hand side - beside the Inspector window in Unity's default layout.

If you re-import the Adventure Creator package from the Asset Store (e.g. when updating to a newer version), the assigned Managers in this window will revert back to the 3D Demo game's. To re-assign them, just go to your game's subfolder and double-click the ManagerPackage asset file found there:

Now that you've created your Managers, let's go through them. You'll be spending a lot of time with the Game Editor window, so it's important to know what each Manager is for.